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Oskar Schindler; The unexpected Hero

One of the most famous Jewish saviors known in the modern day is Oskar Schindler, thanks to the book ‘Schindler’s Ark’ by Thomas Keneally and the film Schindler’s List by Steven Spielberg. However this man wasn’t planning on being the savior which he became, in real life Oskar Schindler wanted to make money and used the rise in Anti-semitism as a way of employing cheap workers so he would earn more. However as time passed he realized he could save lives of hundreds of Jewish workers as he saw the horrors which they were being put through. This article is about his life and work during the Second world War. 

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Update from the Bloggers here at History& The Holocaust

Hello Followers and friends, sorry for the lack of posts lately there are some big announcements I need to make! 

First of all, a co-written book between myself and Lee Freeman is up and coming soon, we will keep you updated on it, it’s based on six of the most notorious Nazis during WWII (including Mengele, Himmler, Hoess etc) 

I myself am also working on a book on Josef Mengele and his life. It’s still in first drafting but it’s on it’s way

Lee is working on a book on Hoss!

Second we will be starting a Vlog if anyone is interested in watching our travels to Poland and Germany starting in September with a research trip to Auschwitz and Krakow. We will also probably do some short documentaries on this channel (I will post a channel at a later date when it’s all set up) 

So I apologize for the lack of posts, I will start again as soon as I can for now you can keep updated (if you want) via my twitter page 


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History & The Holocaust Wordpress edition

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We will be working from both platforms now as we have a new writer and a good friend of mine, hopefully we will be getting some of his work on the wordpress! 

The tumblr of course will stay up and updated! However if you have a wordpress come and say hi! 

Dr Hans Münch

Dr Hans Münch, one of the physicians at Auschwitz, was the only doctor in the Auschwitz trials to be acquitted of war crimes. Even in his later years files would be charged against him for what happened in Auschwitz. Later he would be the only Nazi doctor to sign the declaration of amnesty on what had happened at Auschwitz with survivor Eva Mozes Kor who spoke to me about him to help with the understanding of Dr Münch and his life.  

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The Euthanasia Propaganda posters / film clips. 

The Euthanasia Program

In the 1930’s the ongoing craze of studying Eugenics was happening all over the world, focusing mainly in America and Germany. Eugenics was the social movement which claimed to improve the genetic features of human populations through selective breeding and sterilisation. In fact the eugenics programs were practiced in the United States long before the programs in Nazi Germany, who was influenced by the United States to take action in the field of Eugenics. The Euthanasia program would be the Nazi’s first program of mass murder the effort would represent of the the many programs which wanted to racially purify the German nation. It wasn’t just Germany which was affected by the program, the German occupied East also fell victim to the program. It began as a racial hygiene measure to secure the improvement of life in Germany.

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Karl-Otto Koch

Karl-Otto Koch, the commandant of Buchenwald and the first commandant of Majdanek concentration camp. The husband of Ilse Koch (known as the Bitch of Buchenwald) he would become known for stealing vast amounts of valuables and money from murdered Jews, he would later be sentenced to death by a firing squad, a week before American allied troops arrived to liberate the camp. 

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Kurt Franz

Kurt Franz, one of the commanders behind Treblinka was born on the 17th January 1914 in Düsseldorf. He was one of the many officers who was part of the Action T4 Euthanasia program, Franz started out working at a cook at Hartheim, Brandenburg, Grafeneck and Sonnenstein, in later 1941, he was assigned to be a cook at the T4 headquarters. He would soon be transferred to Treblinka extermination camp and would be the last commandant of the mass murdering camp. He would be known as the most terrifying officer at Treblinka.

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Treblinka, one of the most known Nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust was operated between July 1942 to October 1943 as part of Operation Reinhard. However it was first built in 1942, Treblinka only had one purpose, that was mass murder, there was six extermination camps, Treblinka being one of them, the others; Belzec, Sobibor, Chelmno, Majdanek and Auschwitz-Birkenau. In a space of just over a year approximately 850,000 men, woman and children would be murdered here and no remains of the camp are there to show what really happened there. This article is about the camp, articles on the survivors and officers will follow soon.

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Eva Mozes Kor


Eva Mozes Kor is a survivor of Auschwitz Concentration camp and also a survivor of the experiments of Josef Mengele. Eva and her twin sister Miriam were both subjected to Mengele’s human experiments causing both of them pain and agony. Eva was on the verge of dying however she fought back knowing that she needed to stay alive, to save her sisters life. She lost her family to the gas chambers while only herself and Miriam survived. 

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with his parents and friend while working for the institute During his work in the office Mengele and IreneAll eyes blurred apart from MengelesMengele is furthest LeftOn his wedding day

Josef Mengele; Before his time in Auschwitz 

Experiments at Ravensbrück Concentration Camp

Some people are unaware of how many human experiments were done during the Holocaust, some only aware of Josef Mengele. However many of the experiments which Josef Mengele has been ‘blamed’ for aren’t actually him. This post is about the experiments which were based in Ravensbrück Concentration Camp. Most of them are not as spoken about as the experiments based in Dachau and Auschwitz however they have been written about in ‘A Wartime Memoir’ by Karolina Lanckoronska and ‘And I am afriad of my dreams’ by Wanda Poltawska both were former prisoners there. There is also a book which describes the first 74 cases of women who were experimented on by the doctors, the monography is ‘Experimental Operations on the prisoners of Ravensbrück Concentration camp’ which was edited by Wanda Machlejd. The experiments involved there were; Deliberately cutting out and infecting the bones and muscles of the legs, with virulent bacteria, the cutting out of the nerves and causing artificial bone fractures. After the experiments were conducted the victims were left to their own fate and some victims died because of the operations or some died due to the infections which they were exposed to, Several were shot. 

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Photo Collection of Josef Mengele

Hermann Goering


Hermann Goering, the highest-ranking Nazi official to be tried at Nuremberg joined the Nazi party in 1923, after he was a fighter pilot during WWI. He slowly found his way up to the top of Nazi power.  Born in 1893 in Marienbad, the German state of Bavaria he attended military academy during the years of 1905 to 1911 before serving in the German Air force, he was wounded and decorated by the end of the war; becoming one of the best-known German air force war heroes. While studying in Munich university, in History and Political science he met Hitler at a Nazi Party rally, inspiring him to join the party. He joined the march on Beer Hall Putsch where he was wounded. 

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